Royal Shepherd – 2011

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Night reviewed: WednesdayAccording to their website, The Royal Shepherd in Skipton is apparently the only inn in the country with this name. Where the name originated from though is sadly not explained.

Situated next to the canal in a tucked away location, this is a great little pub. Pre-smoking ban it used to have it’s own internal smog, but now the majority of it’s customers seem to be outside the pub. This affected our “atmosphere” rating, as we were assessing the inside of the pub and it’s also worth bearing in mind if you want to sit outside on a warm day.

The old aerial photos were great and kept us busy for 5 minutes before we touched our pints. After that brief pause it was down to business though. This is a Copper Dragon pub and the beer was typically very good, we sampled Scotts 1816 on this occasion.

Music was being played, with a good choice and at a decent level.

Make sure you take a watch with you when you visit as all the clocks were wrong (before we’d had a drink). However, using that as an excuse for being late back from the pub probably won’t wash!


Beer Choice (1 – 5): 4

Beer Quality (1 – 10): 8.5
Service (1 – 10): 7
Atmosphere (1 – 5): 3
Décor (1 – 5): 4
Toilets (1 – 5): 2

TOTAL: 28.5 (out of 40)


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