The Railway – 2011

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Night reviewed: Wednesday

The Railway is a small pub occupying a corner plot at the junction of Carleton Street and Cavendish Street. The name is an obvious nod to the railway line which sits a couple of hundred yards away. At one point it was much closer, however Tesco’s new behemoth now sits on the old sidings area and now separates the two.

We decided on approach to drink in the tap room at the front of the pub. This was a good choice, as the rear lounge area was actually closed and shrouded in darkness. This was either a commendable move to save the environment, or just a way of saving on the electricity bill considering the lack of customers.

The beer choice was Tetleys or Tetleys, and once the barman had begrudgingly torn himself away from the Champions League clash between Tottenham and Real Madrid, we found it was a decent pint and much better than we have had here before.

The decor is very dated and the faded salmon coloured walls are adorned with equally faded pictures of magnificent steam locomotives in their pomp. Unfortunately it seems customers are as rare as passing steam trains here these days.

There was one final twist in this visit however, when the one area we half expected to be giving minus points for, turned out to be not that bad – the toilets. They were clean, odourless and in a decent state of repair. Considering you can often smell them from the street when passing by, this was a revelation of epic proportions.

All in all, an ok little boozer, popular with its regulars, but it’s by no means on the ‘must visit’ list and gets the lowest score out of the pubs we’ve reviewed so far.


Beer Choice (1 – 5): 1
Beer Quality (1 – 10): 6.5
Service (1 – 10): 5
Atmosphere (1 – 5): 1
Décor (1 – 5): 1
Toilets (1 – 5): 2.5

TOTAL: 17 (out of 40)


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