The Bay Horse – 2011

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Night Reviewed: Thursday

The good people who build the pavements in Skipton didn’t expect many people to really be walking out this far as they keep petering out into grass verges on one side of the road. It’s a fair stroll (around a mile and a half) from the centre of Skipton, so not really going to be popular for those who like to walk to their pubs, unless they are walking along the canal towpath on a sunny day.

Three hand pumps greeted us on entering offering Black Sheep, Timothy Taylors Landlord and a guest beer from Itchen Valley Brewery, called “Godfathers”. Whilst the first two are very fine beers, we opted for trying the guest beer. A good option it turned out, as well as tasting very nice, it was considerably cheaper than the other two. Either that or the barmaid had made an error with her pricing, but who was I to argue! The beer also has it’s own rather nice tale about how it came about – see the brewery website for the whole story.

Back to the pub then – it’s done out in country pub style and there’s no surprise that it’s an eating pub, although it’s fine for just supping also.

There was background music playing which wasn’t up to much, but it was at a low level, so not too obtrusive at first. However, once noticed, it did get more annoying the longer you listened to it and started to remind me of the lift music Herriots play.

Overall a nice pub, but more for eating or lunchtime supping.


Beer Choice (1 – 5): 3.5
Beer Quality (1 – 10): 7.5
Service (1 – 10): 8.5
Atmosphere (1 – 5): 3.5
Décor (1 – 5): 3.5
Toilets (1 – 5): 5

TOTAL: 31.5 (out of 40)


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