The Devonshire – 2012

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Night Reviewed: Thursday

So back where we first started over a year ago. Another year, another round of reviews.

Thankfully the service was a little speedier than last time – we we’re served quite promptly. No nonsense, but friendly nevertheless.

We still maintain this place is too big to maintain the sort of atmosphere that some of the smaller pubs in the town have, but it being a Wetherspoon ale house they’re never really going to have a problem filling it. The evening we visited was curry night, so it was full of people demolishing dansaks and polishing off pakoras.

Once again there were no complaints with the choice of ales on offer but this time the beer quality was at the right end of the scoring scale. Pints of the very lovely Ossett Brewery ‘Yorkshire Blonde (3.9%) and Old Bear Brewery ‘Black Mari’a’ (4%) went down a treat.

With the abesence of any noticeable refurb having taken place in the intervening 12 months, and the ever present hulk of the air conditioning ducts taking the shine off any sort of historic feel this pub has, then it was pretty much business as usual here for us.

There was however a slight improvement on last year’s score, mainly thanks to the improved beer quality.


Beer Choice (1 – 5): 5
Beer Quality (1 – 10): 8
Service (1 – 5): 4
Atmosphere (1 – 10): 6
Décor (1 – 5): 3

TOTAL:  (26 out of 35)


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