The Railway – 2012

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Night Reviewed: Tuesday

We returned to this traditional little boozer to give it the once over, without knowing what to expect.

Our previous visit had left us pleasantly surprised at what we found, and this time around the experience was no different.

It appeared as if the place had been given a lick of paint, a tidy up and that some of the excessive wall hangings had been removed.

The service was excellent and the pint of Tetleys was in fine form.

One observation we made though was that the TV is clearly the general focus of this pub – most customers seemed to just sit and watch it, which gives you the feeling like you’ve stepped into someone elses living room.

Generally though – still an OK little pub popular with regular locals, but not one of Skipton’s best.


Beer Choice (1 – 5): 1
Beer Quality (1 – 10): 9
Service (1 – 5): 4
Atmosphere (1 – 10): 5
Décor (1 – 5): 3

TOTAL: 22 (out of 35)


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